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Medication Refills for Family Psychiatry of the Woodlands, Texas. .

We understand that there may be times when patients will need refills of medications. We will attempt to accommodate refill requests. We reserve the right to deny refill requests. Please read the Instructions for Medication Refills (right column) prior to filling out form.

Please note that all email form messages left after hours or on weekends will be checked on the following business day. NO REFILLS WILL BE DONE DURING HOLIDAYS so order your refills in advance.

**IMPORTANT: Patients in crisis or emergency situations need to contact Family Psychiatry of The Woodlands by telephone 281-367-1015**

Instructions for Medication Refills

Please have your pharmacy fax medication refill requests to our office.

If you need medication called into a different pharmacy, please leave your phone number, your date of birth, pharmacy phone number, specific medications, medication dosing, and reason on our voice mail or online request form.

If you need a medication refill that requires a controlled substance prescription, please leave your name, your contact number, and the name of the specific medication on our voice mail or online request form.

Instructions for Prior Authorization of Medications

Unfortunately, not all insurance companies will approve some of the medications used by psychiatrists. Please understand that medications that require prior authorization we might not be able to get the approval right away.

Please have your pharmacy fax the prior authorization requests to our office to initiate the process.

FAX: 281-367-1966

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In the event of a Divorce, we must have a copy of the Divorce Decree signed by a judge. The decree must state which parent has Managing Conservatory privileges for the minor child.

Biological parents/guardian must bring minors to the first initial appointment. We understand that this is an inconvenience, and that most step-parents play an integral part in the child rearing process. However biological parents/guardian have to be present at initial visit. Of course step-parents are always welcome to bring the minor patient to the appointment as long as the biological parent has signed a consent form.