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Welcome to Family Psychiatry of The Woodlands

We are a multi-disciplinary group of practitioners who collectively provide over one hundred and twenty five years of experience and wisdom to the diagnosis and management of psychiatric disorders. Impairments in one’s mood, behavior and thought process are managed through assessments, diagnostic testing, medication management, various types of psychotherapy and inpatient hospital services. We coordinate with one another and with practitioners outside of our practice in order to monitor our patient’s progress. Our efforts are focused on the goal of patient stability and satisfaction.

Mission Statement - Family Psychiatry of The Woodlands, Texas.

Family Psychiatry of The Woodlands is a behavioral health group of professionals who provide solutions to the many aspects of mental illness, mental health disorders, and childhood psychological disorders. Medication management, counseling and diagnostic testing are services we provide.

**IMPORTANT: Patients in crisis or emergency situations need to contact Family Psychiatry of The Woodlands by telephone 281-367-1015**